Personal Care with a Healing Touch

Skilled Nursing Services

A variety of patients can benefit from Swing Bed services, but many people in the area do not realize we offer this service. Loved ones can be transferred to Hemphill County Hospital (HCH), closer to friends and family, to receive these services after they have concluded an acute-care hospital stay at a hospital in Amarillo, Dallas, Oklahoma City, or other communities.

The Swing Bed program at HCH provides a valuable resource to area Medicare patients who require daily skilled nursing services after acute-care has ended.

The Swing Bed program provides 24-hour skilled nursing care for patients with specific needs:

  • Patients with multiple medical problems requiring extended observation and medication changes.
  • Patients requiring skilled wound/dressing changes or extended IV-antibiotic therapy.
  • Newly diagnosed adult diabetic patients in need of insulin education and medication adjustment.
  • Patients in need of rehabilitation services (physical or occupational) following an orthopedic surgery, stroke, or other debilitating condition.