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Healthcare Decisions Matter from Hemphill County Hospital

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The Healthcare Decisions You Make Matter

Doctors and nurses have been considered the most trusted professionals in the world for decades. Local clinics and hospitals rely on these providers to deliver information to patients following guidelines, research, and analysis from a variety of legitimate medical journals and sources.

In the age of social media, it can be difficult to distinguish reliable research from online videos or blog content. Often, viral social media is unregulated content that emerges from the edges of the healthcare industry where providers with legitimate medical degrees have other obscure or self-interested agendas.

For many of us, it can be difficult to distinguish what information can be trusted. After all, a career in medicine follows years of academic study and rigor as well as continuing education in new advancements in medicine and research. Good healthcare professionals rely on research published in respected and trusted academic journals that are reviewed by a team of advanced academic physicians and scholars.

So who can you trust?

Primary care providers and specialty physicians in regulated community hospitals are a deep well of knowledge harvested from medical journals and studies. Their approach to medicine is evidence- and research-based and patient-focused.

When it comes to healthcare, the decisions you make matter. It’s up to you. Talking with your trusted, licensed physicians gives you and your family the assurance that you’re getting the most current and objective research and expertise to make important healthcare decisions.