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Hemphill County EMS

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In a medical emergency, nothing is more important than a fast response. That’s why we ensure expert medical assistance is just a few minutes away—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hemphill County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operates state-certified Mobile Intensive Care Units, fully equipped with the latest life-saving technologies. One of our ambulances has four-wheel drive and is used to access difficult locations.

Our EMS is staffed by certified, highly-trained Paramedics and EMTs.  Their training and expertise, as well as the sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment onboard each of our ambulances, enable them to provide our community with exceptional Mobile Intensive Care Services.

  • 24/7 EMS and Ambulance Services
  • State-licensed and Certified Paramedics/Advanced EMTs/EMT Basics
  • 911 Coverage, Emergent & Non-Emergent Transfer Services
  • Serving Hemphill County, Texas and the surrounding region
  • Owns/Operates Gray County EMS with EMS Stations in Pampa, McLean, and Groom
  • CPR, First-Aid, Trauma, and Stop the Bleed Training Classes Offered to Community

Hemphill County EMS also works closely with police and fire departments.  In fact, every time the fire department is paged, an ambulance responds to provide emergency care for both firefighters and victims.

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Hemphill County Hospital District

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