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Careers at Hemphill County Hospital District

A place for dedicated medical professionals to excel

Careers at Hemphill
County Hospital District (HCHD)

One of the traditions of Healthcare is: change—and it may be that your career is ready for one! Healthcare includes a great variety of jobs, each one very important to the future of hospital patients, long-term care residents, and their family members or friends. When you desire meaningful work to do alongside other dedicated professionals committed daily to exceptional service to people in need, think of Hemphill County Hospital District in Canadian, Texas.

The list of Job Openings below shows current employment vacancies for which your training and work experiences, skills and talents, and personal values and ambition might be a match. Please follow directions on this Careers page to submit a completed Employment Application.

HCHD is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

How to apply

Thank you for your interest in possible full-time, part-time, or PRN employment with the staff of Hemphill County Hospital District in Canadian, Texas.

Please review the List of HCHD Job Openings on this Careers page, click on the title of the job for which you want to apply, and complete the Employment Application as directed.

For additional information about careers at HCHD, please call Human Resources at 806-323-1124 or email: careers@hchdst.org.

Hemphill County Hospital District
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