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Nutritional Counseling Services at HCH

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Nutritional Counseling

​​Good nutrition is a cornerstone of good health. That is why Hemphill County Hospital's Department of Nutritional Services offers a variety of nutritional counseling services and resources—whether you are an inpatient, outpatient, or a member of the community.

Our expert nutritional counseling services are provided by registered dietitian nutritionists with degrees in clinical nutrition and dietetics. To maintain their national registration and state licensure, dietitians must participate in ongoing professional education—so you can be sure you are getting the most up-to-date information and guidance about diet and nutrition.

Good nutrition helps you heal from surgery or illness. If you’re hospitalized, our clinical dietitians conduct a comprehensive nutritional assessment to make sure you are well-nourished by designing an individualized care plan to meet your specific medical and lifestyle needs and by providing nutrition education, as needed.

Our dietitians work closely with nurses to identify any patients in need of nutritional intervention. Dietitians conduct evaluations over the phone or during home visits, including with family members, and provide  appropriate education and recommendations for improving each patient’s nutritional status.

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy by Registered Dietitian
  • One-on-One Outpatient Consultation
  • Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease Education
  • “Balanced Plate” Demonstrations utilizing Food Models

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