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Easing the Transition from Hospital to Home

Some patients are too well to stay in an acute-care hospital but are physically unable to be discharged home.  Before these patients can return to their same level of independence prior to entering the hospital, additional time for healing and recovery is needed.  The swing bed program is designed for patients still needing round-the-clock nursing care—but combined with rehabilitation and therapy services to further the healing process as they regain their strength and stability.

Healing Near Home

It’s been proven that patients heal faster when they are surrounded by loved ones.  More and more patients are choosing to stay close to home when they can, but many people in our area do not realize we offer swing bed services.  Following an acute-care stay in Amarillo, Dallas, Oklahoma City, or elsewhere, your loved one can be transferred to Hemphill County Hospital, closer to friends and family, to continue healing near home.

HCH’s Swing Bed Program

HCH’s case manager works collaboratively with patients and their healthcare team to coordinate their care while a patient in our swing bed program. Our role is patient advocacy. Our goal is providing support to patients and their families to ensure they receive the highest quality of care throughout their stay—and helping make the transition from our hospital to home an easy one.

In order to qualify for swing bed, a patient must have stayed at least three consecutive midnights in an acute-care setting in the past 30 days, also referred to as the 3-Midnight Rule. Medicare Part A and many commercial insurance plans provide swing bed coverage.  Private pay is also an option.

HCH’s Swing Bed program provides 24-hour care for patients who need:

  • Rehabilitation after a recent hospitalization or surgical procedure
  • To regain strength and mobility following an illness
  • Long-term IV therapy/infusions
  • Physical therapy after orthopedic surgery, stroke, or injury
  • Occupational therapy to develop, recover, or maintain vocational and daily living activities that promote independence
  • Speech therapy to improve speech, language, and eating conditions affected by illness or injury
  • Wound care
  • Palliative care and more

After meeting therapy and rehabilitation goals, our swing bed patients can return home stronger and healthier than before.  As family and friends contribute greatly to a patient’s healing and recovery, our staff welcomes visits from loved ones during the patient’s stay. 

Hemphill County Hospital’s Swing Bed program is a valuable resource to area patients and families—if this service was unavailable locally, patients requiring daily nursing, rehabilitation, and therapy services would have to relocate to another community throughout the recovery process.

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