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Unlock your potential – Finding your best rest

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Unlock your potential – Finding your best rest

There are a lot of reasons we are tired. The ongoing challenges of the pandemic, work, school, and home life consume our day. And, we can’t forget those new year’s resolutions we promised to incorporate into an already packed schedule: working out, weight loss and spending more time with family. How can we find more time for rest when we don’t have a spare minute to give?

Studies show that you need more than just sleep to fully find rest. But, what does this mean? Don’t we have to sleep in order to rest? Yes, sleep is very important, and we need to prioritize at least 7-9 hours of sleep to decrease the risk of other chronic health issues. As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, finding additional ways to relax are just as important as sleep.

Seven ways to rest

Our body craves additional types of relaxation. Take a few moments to learn more about the 7 types of rest necessary to truly experience restoration of the mind, body and spirit:

1. Physical rest – Sleeping and napping are crucial, but more active forms of rest including yoga, meditation and massage are important too.

2. Mental rest – Taking short breaks throughout your day to daydream or keeping a notebook by your bed to write down last-minute thoughts can restore your mental energy.

3. Sensory rest – We are chronically overstimulated – at work and at home. So intentionally unplugging from your electronics (yes, this means social media, too) or closing your eyes for a few minutes at your desk can help you rest.

4. Creative rest – Turn your workspace into a place of inspiration by displaying images of places you love and works of art that speak to you. Keep fidgets on your desk to allow your mind to wander.

5. Emotional rest – This is key for many of us working in health care. We like to help, but we need to recognize that we also need emotional rest.

6. Social rest – Healthy relationships are protective and can recharge our well-being. Intentionally surrounding yourself with positive and upbeat people can add an extra boost when we need it.

7. Spiritual rest – We all crave a desire to be part of something bigger than us. Incorporating dedicated time for prayer, meditation and volunteering can help energize us.

When it comes to well-being, we know REST is foundational. So, if you find that sleep just isn’t enough, take some time to pause and reflect on additional ways to truly and holistically restore your well-being.

Additional Resources

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