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Patient Billing and Insurance Information

As you recover from your illness or injury, we know that questions or concerns about medical expenses can add to what can already be a stressful time.

As part of our mission at Hemphill County Hospital (HCH) to provide compassion and excellence in healthcare for Canadian and surrounding areas, we are committed to providing high-quality healthcare for all, regardless of financial status.

We offer several payment options, including private-pay discounts and revolving payment plans, as well as financial assistance.

Hospital Bill

After you receive care at HCH, we will immediately bill your insurance company. It can take 30 days or more to process your bill. Once insurance has paid, you will be responsible for any remaining balance unpaid by your insurance provider. At that time, you will receive a statement notifying you of the amount. We ask that you remit payment in full or set up a payment plan within 30 days.

Insurance Coverage

Please provide us with complete insurance coverage and contact information when you register. If we are contracted with your insurance company, we will submit a claim for payment in accordance with the managed care contract. You will be asked to pay any co-payment or deductible at the time of service. If we do not receive payment from your insurance company promptly, we will ask you to contact them directly to arrange for payment.


If you are covered by Medicare, we will file your claim for you. If you have a Medicare supplemental policy, upon our receipt of payment from Medicare, we will bill your supplemental carrier as well.

Billing Responsibilities

HCH will make every effort to verify insurance eligibility and benefits. We will also attempt to obtain authorization in accordance with your insurance company’s policies. However, as the insured, you are ultimately responsible for knowing your benefits. Please check with your insurance company before receiving non-emergent services to ensure HCH is contracted and whether or not prior authorization is required.

Physician Billing

Physician services will be billed separately from your hospital services.

Patient Cost Estimator

Below is a link to a website that will give you a bill estimate based on health insurance coverages:


Guest Wireless

Hemphill County Hospital is pleased to provide Guest Wireless services for our patients and their families. This service is for a patient or their family to use while being hospitalized. You will need your personal laptop or other wireless device; hospital computers are not available for this use.

If you are interested in using the Guest Wireless services, ask your nurse for a temporary password to gain internet access.

Hospital personnel are not allowed to assist anyone using this service.

Medical Records

Hemphill County Hospital’s Health Information Management Services Department is responsible for maintaining complete medical records for each patient. Your original medical record is the property of Banner, but the information in it belongs to you.

You may access your health information and request copies of your medical record information by contacting the Health Information Management Services Department (Medical Records) at your hospital or healthcare provider’s office.

A standard “Release of Information Consent” form must be completed, and proof of identification provided before your records can be released. You will be notified of any fees that may be incurred for copying and sending you information. To reduce copy charges, you may request the most recent information or a specific document rather than your complete record.

Release Forms


  • English: Release of Information Authorization Form
  • En Español: Permiso Para Copiar Documentos Medicosos

Health Center/Health Clinic

Home Care/Hospice

Frequently Asked Questions

Family members and friends may call HCH at 806-323-6422, and request to be transferred to you. They may also request your phone number, and dial directly to your room.

You may bring a small bag of personal belongings such as a toothbrush, hairbrush, robe, and slippers. If possible, label your belongings. Labeling greatly increases the chance of finding your items if they are misplaced. Whenever possible, please leave valuables, credit cards, cash, and jewelry at home. HCH does not assume responsibility for lost articles, but will make every effort to help you find them. IF you lose an item, notify your nurse immediately.

We have an open-door, 24-hour-a-day visiting schedule. If you arrive after 7:00p or before 6:00a, simply press the call button at the front east entrance to be let in the door. HCH would like to encourage visiting hours that promote rest and patient wellbeing. Please consider the emotional and healthcare needs of the patient, as well as the patient’s privacy. Please DO NOT visit patients if you are sick with a cold, flu, or any other condition which could be contagious.

Clergy members of all faiths are welcome at the hospital. If you wish to arrange a visit, please contact representatives of your faith, or call our Patient Navigator at 806-323-1115.

Organ Donation

Being an organ donor will not affect the care you receive. If you are injured or ill and are taken to a hospital emergency room, you will receive the best possible care whether or not you are an organ donor. Donation procedures begin only after all efforts to save your life have failed and death has been declared.

There are no extra expenses for the family donating organs and tissues. State and federal funds pay all costs related to organ and tissue donations.

Advance directives are optional documents. However, if you choose to complete one, it is important that you provide a copy to members of your healthcare team. Please bring a copy of your advance directives, living will, or durable power of attorney to the hospital.

The purpose of an advance directive is to allow you to tell us your future care choices. As a result, your healthcare team will know what your wishes are in case you become unable to express them. This is an opportunity to put your wishes in writing while you are able to make decisions.

The doctor will ask your closest relative or the individual designated as a durable power of attorney for healthcare to help make decisions if you are unable. It can be very helpful if you have appointed someone to be your durable power of attorney for healthcare to speak on your behalf. This person will assist the doctor in making decisions. A brochure describing all the details of advance directives, as well as a simple form to complete, is available to you upon request. Please request to speak to our case worker if you need assistance.

The hospital offers a cafeteria, coffee bar, and vending areas. Visitors may eat in the cafeteria, or request an extra tray be brought to the patient’s room. Ask a nurse for more information on guest trays.